I am currently charging similar to the same price as the Chinese manufacturers do, when factoring in their shipping and handling fees. Please see the link to review. Economy shipping to you will remain free, and for a tracking number, feel free to select First Class Package and I will send it to you for the additional cost of the postage. Click Here for Pricing Comparison

While I upload pictures to the site, you can Click Here for Pictures

I am testing an automatic discount app. If the discounts do not get applied, I will manually apply the codes and issue a refund. Pre-orders are deeply discounted to start:)

Pricing as of 1/2/2022
1-14 cards will be $3 each
15-29 cards will receive a 12% discount
30-59 cards will receive a 19% discount
60-99 cards will receive a 27% discount
100-199 cards will receive a 30% discount
200-299 cards will receive a 33% discount
300-500 cards will receive a 37% discount
501-1000 cards will receive a 40% discount